The Flavor Machine – installation

“The Flavor Machine” is a series of multimedia artworks encompassing an audio-visual installation, a mobile application, and a collection of digital images. What ties all of these pieces together is the utilization of an artificial intelligence model. Model was trained to generate images based on a combination of single malt whiskey flavors. These flavors includes: fruity, floral, sweet, spicy and smoky.

The model draws from a repository of over 2,000 artistic and synesthetic visions inspired by selected flavors. The algorithm identified unique and characteristic features for each of the flavors.

Featured animation comes from the audio-visual installation, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of oily and fruity textures. The accompanying music was composed and recorded by the artist, adding another layer of sensory experience to this innovative project.

“The Flavor Machine” clinched the main prize in the “Where Next? Kreatorzy Zmian” competition, organized by the Glenfiddich brand in 2023.

"Flavor Machine" - animation accompanying the audio-visual installation.