Obraz algorytmiczny: Dodawanie

Interactive content designer

Hi there! I’m Arkadiusz Rataj, an artist and interactive content designer with a passion for combining art with technology. I engage in various art forms, such as painting and music, using technological tools as the foundation of my creative work.

My mission is to seek harmony between art and technology, much like the Renaissance artists did, recognizing their kinship. I believe that these two realms can collaborate to develop us emotionally and spiritually.

Art isn’t my only passion. I also provide comprehensive services in designing and implementing innovative technical solutions for the creative industry. I help companies enhance their brand identity with interactive innovations to increase audience engagement and build stronger brand relationships.

An example of such collaboration is the “Flavor Machine” project I executed for the Glenfiddich brand. In addition, I also support artists by elevating their work into a new dimension of artistic expression. An example of the latter is my involvement in the virtual exhibition “Capture the Future(s): OUR BIO-TECH PLANET.

In 2023, my artistic works were honored in the Digital Ars competition, securing two first-place awards and the audience prize. I am also a laureate of the “Where Next? Change Creators” competition.

As an interactive content designer I invite you to collaborate because together we can infuse your project with a creative breath of innovation and build a lasting bond with your brand and audience.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to use the contact form.


  • 2023: winner of the “Where Next? Kreatorzy Zmian” competition organized by the Glenfiddich brand;
  • 2023: winner of two first prizes and the audience award in the “Digital Ars” competition organized as part of the “Digital Festival” in Warsaw;

Lectures and events

Solo exhibitions

  • 6-7.2020: “Algorithmic paintings”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Ostrów Wielkopolski;
  • 9-10.2019: “Od cyfry do malarstwa”, OFF-FRAME Gallery, Cracow;